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The Hall of Clestrain Vision

            “By 2025 The Hall of Clestrain will be an internationally renowned visitor centre sharing the true
            story and ethos  of John  Rae and Orkney’s key role in  Scotland’s past, present and
            future connection with Arctic exploration and discovery.”

            Project Manager Sandra Deans tells us the inside story…

            With several failed attempts at sourcing funding to save the Hall of Clestrain,  I am the
            first to admit this project was never going to be easy however with the unprecedented
            events over the last 6 months, where we have been engulfed by uncertainties
            surrounding the  COVID19 virus and its associated restrictions, its proven to be even more

                                                               I must congratulate the Trustees on taking
                                                               such a proactive approach, which has not
                                                               only allowed the project to maintain full
                                                               momentum         but    has     ensured     major
                                                               advances in design and use, even during this
                                                               extremely difficult period. Thank goodness
                                                               for online technology. Microsoft TEAMS has
                                                               been embraced by the board, allowing
                                                               trustees to hold meetings online and remain
                                                               actively involved in project development
                                                              through regular online collaboration with the
            consultants, as well as myself.

            Over recent years the JRS has demonstrated
            a dynamic and successful track record with
            2018 seeing the purchase of the Hall of Clestrain,
            following a phenomenally successful fund-raising
            campaign, and latterly making the building wind
            and watertight. The employment of the project
            manager followed by the purchase and
            installation of a temporary visitor centre in 2019. All
            of which has been successfully interspersed
            by numerous events, activities, outreach with
            schools’ educational resources (John Rae boxes),
            culminating in the development of an online
            consultation survey earlier this year.

                                      President: Andrew J Appleby       Chairman: Norman Shearer
                                    Web: www.johnraesociety                Email:
                                    Telephone: +44 1856 771419             Registered Charity No.: SC044463
                                        Fursbreck Pottery, Harray, Orkney, Scotland, KW17 2JR
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